About Us

Trimmer CS is an entirely independent housing consultancy, established in 1998. Our Team of experienced housing and surveying professionals are available to work with our clients throughout the UK.

We offer a broad range of housing consultancy services and project co-ordination activities which extend across the full social housing spectrum. Our advice includes corporate wide support as well as specific projects in defined areas. This can range from business planning through organisational development and restructuring to customer satisfaction surveys for a particular new initiative and training courses.

We have special expertise in supported housing and housing models for older people. We are particularly known for our work in property-related aspects, including asset management, business planning, procurement, financial forecasting, stock condition and stock appraisal strategies.

We also advise on data management and information technology, based on our considerable experience in working with the property-related data held by local authorities, housing associations and developers.

Each of our housing consultants has a well-defined skills-set, and together the entire Trimmer CS Team provides a wide-ranging resource that is capable of dealing with virtually any problem or activity that might confront our clients.