Development and Regeneration

The development scene continues to face up to many challenges, with reduced funding for social housing, new funding regimes form the HCA and GLA, and uncertainty in the private sector market. On the other hand many of the fundamentals of good affordable housing development remain the same; you have to search for sites, forge good partnerships, forecast the costs and income potential (and keep monitoring the results), and you have to exercise good cost control and effective project management.

The desire to build has to be balanced against the risks of each scheme, and you need a very clear understanding of what your organisation values in a development opportunity.

At the same time as risk management has come to the fore, everyone is under pressure to ensure great value for money, as well as improving standards

We can assist you with:

  • development strategies
  • regeneration planning and implementation
  • collaborative working
  • programme management
  • development policies and procedures
  • procurement
  • compliance
  • preparation of PQQ and bid submissions