Interim Resources

Trimmer CS can offer interim managers across the spectrum of social housing roles. We can also put together packages involving a mixture of consultancy and interim resources to suit the needs of a particular project or set of challenges.

Nowadays, interim managers are used by organisations in a wide variety of situations. Classically it may be because a senior member of staff leaves at a critical time and immediate cover is needed; or to cope with a particular peak in workload, such as a short-term, but high-profile, project.  Increasingly, ‘interims’ are being used more strategically too:  parachuting in a professional with specific skills and experience can be a very cost effective way of solving a business problem.

Interims are consultants or senior managers who have left permanent employment to develop a portfolio career, since they find it more rewarding and stimulating. Interims bring a whole range of benefits:

  • Interims can “hit the ground running” – a cliché perhaps, but invaluable!
  • They provide an external perspective
  • Interims come without any ‘political’ baggage
  • They can be used to help manage change, transition and improvement
  • Interims can often deliver a long term impact from a short term input
  • They provide an additional resource at senior level, without the need to take on a long term commitment, or change management structures
  • Interims can work direct to the Board or Chief Executive if required
  • Trimmer CS Interim Consultants can usually start within days of your instruction